Amar Akbar Anthony (2018) Full Songs Jukebox - Ravi Teja, Ileana D’Cruz

  • Movie Name: Amar Akbar Anthony
  • Movie Year: 2018
  • IMDB:4.1/10 
  • contentRating:Not Rated
  • Songs  Telugu Songs 

The Plot Summary for Amar Akbar Anthony (2018)

Set in New York, Amar Akbar Anthony is the action-packed story of Amar, a man on a mission to seek revenge. He has all the weapons and resources he needs, but the one thing that often causes obstruction is his brain. He's unaware of the fact that he's suffering from multiple personality disorder, due to which some special triggers cause the emergence of two more identities, Akbar and Anthony. He meets Pooja, first as Akbar and then as Dr. Anthony, only to realize she too is suffering from the same disorder. In the meanwhile, the targeted businessmen are alerted by a cop who is quickly getting drawn towards the truth.

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