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The Plot Summary for Bhayanakam (2018)

Directed and written by: Jayaraaj
Starring by: Jojo George, Bilas Chandrahasan Nair, Renji Panicker
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

A World War I veteran is sent to Kuttanad as a postman to deliver money orders and letters to the families of soldiers. Soon, the happiness that his visits brought to the families turns into sadness with the outbreak of the World War

The Reviews for Bhayanakam (2018)

Capsule Review: Bhayanakam / Slow-Paced Brilliance / 7 Stars

Reviewed bynairtejasVote: 7/10
It is after a long time that I am watching a film that is aptly titled, making me much eager to recommend this to anyone who likes slow-paced arthouse drama. If not for its artistic quality, one should watch it for the realistic portrayal of hardships of a messenger. Bhayanakam (Horror) tells the story of a middle-aged ex-armyman (Renji Panicker) who now works as a postman in Kuttanad, a village in Kerala, India, during the eve of the Second World War. He is loved by his village folk because he brings them letters and money sent by their sons who have joined the Allies in the inevitable war. A cripple himself, he is seen as a god by men and women until the war begins when he starts delivering them the bad news. Jayaraj's scope of storytelling is extensive, heightened by Panicker's singular performance, good photography, and a fitting score. Even though I had issues with the pacing, I would still recommend Bhayanakam as a drama that narrates a hard-hitting story and eloquently brings out another evil facet of war. TN.

Must watch...

Reviewed byddpartha092Vote: 10/10
Watch it with patience ,surely you will love it..You won't get disappoint

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