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The Plot Summary for Chehre (2021)

Directed by: Rumi Jaffery
; Rumi JafferyRanjit Kapoor
Starring by: Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi, Rhea Chakraborty
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Hindi

An 80-year-old man with a penchant for real life games in a story about rights and wrongs. It's a story about the decisions one makes in their lifetime and the fact that every decision has its repercussions, hearing and judgment.

The Reviews for Chehre (2021)


Reviewed byguddanshuklaVote: 9/10
Excellent work by Emraan hasmi sir. I am his big fan.


Reviewed bycristinaameeraVote: 9/10
I enjoyed the movie, requesting everyone to watch if they want entertainment.

Chehre is 8 decades late to make a lame simulation of Hollywood Classic Double Indemnity with boring seminar on Justice And Law.

Reviewed bySAMTHEBESTESTVote: 4/10
Chehre (2021) :Movie Review -

Chehre was looking dull right from the trailer and promos but the advantage of being a thriller kept it alive somehow. You know, many thriller don't open main cards before release to surprise you with the final product and that blur hope was still there with Chehre. However, now the final product seems suitable to that dull pre-release scenario or better say it even goes lower. If you remember Hollywood's Classic Noir 'Double Indemnity' (1944) directed by Master Billy Wilder then you must realise the fact that, Double Indemnity was kind of pioneer in this husband-killing formula. And it made too much sense for 40s but now seeing the story being adapted in 2021 is a Big Joke. How can someone even think of it? Chehre is disastrous attempt already but it doesn't have anything kind of original to stand on its own even in the rest of the narrative. Double Indemnity just gets extention for 40 more minutes where we are invited to attend a boring lecture on justice and law, the same what Amitabh delivered in Pink. But here it's completely out of the context as it is based on some silly game with unrealistic characters. Actually, even that seems copied from Marathi movie 'Me Shivaji Park', that entire portion of retired men serving justice in their own style, yes that's simply copy pasted.

There is nothing to talk about Chehre's story as i have already mentioned that it simulates 'Double Indemnity' and even if i have to tell something then it would be termed as spoiler. Well, let me remind you the story of Double Indemnity instead. A beautiful woman married to a rich old guy plans to murder him to get his money of course. For that, she traps a young man by pretending to love him and then both of them commits a crime. Here, Emraan Hashmi is a married man so it takes away the all respect from his character. Two, he is well settled into corporate business so we assume that he has some brain which he eventually keeps aside while falling for this greedy woman. There are lot of stupid things to tell in this set of the story but let's just forget it and let's move towards even worse part. That remote bunglow in snow zone and those peculiar characters in that bunglow, what the heck was that? I mean, seriously? It's 2021 and you are using 18th century's Ideas for a film?

Performances of all the actors are strictly average. Emraan plays an over-confident guy who shows off his arrogant grin smile after every confusedly spoken dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan. But for what? We all know the film won't have the same scenario after a while then why this show off? And how come one opens up all his secrets during a childish game? Annu Kapoor's punjabi accent was okay if was playing an illiterate guy, not for an educated character like a Lawyer. The same applies to Amitabh's character. How confusing his character was while asking questions. Rhea Chakroborty is there only to pass her time and Krystal D'Souza was signed only for Skin Show.

Chehre may have many problems with its writing but the on screen presentation is damn hell pathetic and it's almost 50 years old. If i have to choose between Chehre and any average Hollywood Film of 40s to watch in theatre again then without any second thoughts i would ditch Chehre. Rumy Jafry couldn't even present the actual product with proper sense. In the film Big B' ls character asks, 'What is Law?'. Here i want to ask Rumy Jafry that, 'What is Filmmaking?'. Did he really made a film for 2021's audience? The loopholes in the film are not plausible even for 1921, that's 100 years back. Let me finish it in one sentence now, Chehre is a film which deserves that furious remark- 'Don't show me your FACE'...

RATING - 4/10*