Devadas (2018) Vaaru Veeru Full Video Song - Akkineni Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika

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A staid doctor's monotonous routine is shaken up when a gangster who is on the run decides to hide from the police in his clinic.

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A clean family entertainer

Reviewed byits-me6611Vote: 9/10

One of the funniest films I have seen in a while. The bromance between Das and Deva is beautiful and funny.

Plot: When father of Don Deva (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is killed, Deva comes out of shadows to exact revenge. And after being shot he meets Das (Nani), a naive idealistic doctor down on his luck. This meeting changes both their lives.

The film starts like a gangster film and gives the impression of an action film. Lots of character and events are shown that are not very interesting and could have been edited out. The film gets interesting after 45mins mark. I am happy that I stuck to it till this point because once the momentum starts the comedy between Deva and Das is amazing. There are lots of laugh out loud moments in the film.Nagarjuna Akkineni played the role of Deva with ease, he looked like he was having fun. Nani did justice to his role as well. The lead actresses did not have much to work on but they looked really pretty. I liked the songs Chettu Kinda Doctor and Vaaru Veeru.

At its core Devadas is light light-hearted comedy film to enjoy with family and friends. The lead duo does an excellent job carrying the film, they are the strength of this film. The film does not take itself seriously and all the drama scenes are downplayed. There are some action scenes. Also few twists here and there.

I had lots of laugh watching Devadas. Though it takes some time to get started, it is worth sticking for first 45 minutes.

Devadas: full comedy zoner movie

Reviewed byklkumarsoftVote: 9/10
2 main characters in this movie ( Deva and Das ) and well balanced by young and dynamic director ( Sri Ram Adittya) . Watchable movie for everyone at least once recommended and background music is good .

Full entertaining with new concept

Reviewed byvinayshriVote: 8/10
I won't write too much to make it look crictics like review. Amazing story, great cast, eyes-stuck cinematography and very entertaining acting by actors. Wonderfully represented. Must watch.

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