Dhoom 2 (2006) BRRip Original [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi]

The Plot Summary for Dhoom 2 (2006)

Directed by: Sanjay Gadhvi
: Vijay Krishna Acharya
Starring by: Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Telugu

The world's oldest desert, the Namib - A solitary railway line - A royal family on a royal journey. From the sky - like lightening - A flash - the centuries old royal crown is stolen. Back in action - DHOOM:2 reinvents the action comedy genre and propels it into the 21st century. Ali's (Uday Chopra) dream of becoming a police officer has come true. He is now ACP Jai Dixit's (Abhishek Bachchan) right hand man. Together they are trying to keep a tight leash on the crime in India, little do they know what they are going to be up against. Enter Aryan - Mr.A (Hrithik Roshan) A high tech international thief after pulling off a series of impossible heists all over the world. His next target is Mumbai, India. The case is given to ACP Jai Dixit and Ali helping them put the pieces of the puzzle together is ACP Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu). For the last two years Shonali has been tracking these amazing thefts and is now an expert on this thief, who no one has seen. Once in Mumbai Mr.A finds his ...

The Reviews for Dhoom 2 (2006)

As good as any Hollywood flick

Reviewed byuser-13794Vote: 8/10
First the comparison with Dhoom 1. It is repetitive in parts, especially because of the irritating Ali (Uday Chopra), who has outlived his utility in the first part. On the other hand, this has Hrithik and Ash, and is basically all about the duo! Abhishesk as Inspector Jai provides the continuity in the story, but this is Hrithik's film all the way. He packs in a great performance, looks awesome, fights, dances, cries, laughs and even kisses (yes, the infamous kiss!) all the way. Just watch this for him. Ash looks fabulous and puts in a great performance as well. The songs are a let down, except for the title number Dhoom machale. The story is good, however the ending is a let-down as compared with the first part. Don't listen to your pals who tell you that this is copied from numerous Hollywood movies. It's just that the intellectuals are jealous because Bollywood has finally managed to look as good as Hollywood!

Double omelette with extra cheese BUT a single toast!

Reviewed bydanzsVote: 8/10
Let's cut to the chase and first get the basics done away with. Saw this movie today, and these are a few points that I feel should be answered first.

1. As a sequel to 'Dhoom,' is this movie better than the first one? Yes!

2. Is it worth watching? If you liked 'Dhoom,' this one is a must see!

3. Avoid it if you expect any drama, or food for intellectual thought. This is all about living life in the fast and furious lane.

Coming to the nittty-gritty of it? Before you watch this movie, spare a moment and find out why you want to watch this flick. If it's for the hype or the curiosity value the first offering delivered AND you liked the first one, then I highly recommend it, since it delivers more than you expected? Bike aficionados might be a bit disappointed as you will find only one bike chase sequence here? and if it reminds you of the one in MI-2, kindly take no offence. The director here is creative enough to come out with his own version.

D2 is a movie that revolves around mastermind thief 'A' (Hrithik) who makes robbery into art and has earned international acclaim for the same. Next on his list is to commit the crime in the city of Mumbai where he shall meet Inspector Jai (Abhishek) and his sidekick Ali (Uday) to foil all attempts. Now this is a criminal who like Val Kilmer in the? 'Saint'? keeps changing his appearance. So no one really knows how this chappy looks.

But our desi version of Tango (Jai) aided by Cash (Ali), are quick enough to understand his mindset and identify the next place in Mumbai this international artist-thief wants to add to his kitty.

Despite their best efforts which include Inspector SHOW (Bipasha- No pun intended) this thief manages to take home his prize. What follows next is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns which I better omit since it will steal the thunder of watching the movie. For real added incentive is our desi Catwoman (Aishwarya)

What works for D2 is slick editing, a better script than the first one, getting to watch Bipasha and Ash who look beautiful, especially in skimpy clothes which look great on them, exotic international locales (beaches / waterfalls included) And a Hrithik who carries the entire show to perfection. He suits the pace and style of this movie to the square inch and makes for some sizzling chemistry with Ash on screen for the first time. Hey! even the songs are quite foot-tapping.

Also watching Abby Baby and him sharing the same screen space in a few shots is awesome. As expected, Uday gets the best one-liners and carries on from where he left off in 'Dhoom.' Great cinematography that the movie showcases setting the tempo with its opening sequence of a running train (though the scene did bring back memories for the opening sequence to 'Bad Day at Black Rock -1955')

That the movie missed out on a 10/10 from me was only for the reason that though the heist sequences are quite innovative and the stunts quite good? they simply leave a lot of questions unanswered??? Rimi Sen purely serves the purpose of a hanger and is soon forgotten.

Rest of the cast is simply there? their characters float along, hardly given a chance for development. One walks out of the theatre only remembering it to be a movie about Hrithik and Ash supported by 'OTHERS.' Some of the scenes are simply hard to digest... since I have no intention to spoil your appetite my only hint goes for keeping a close eye on the first FEMALE :-)who comes on screen. That should give you a preview of how CORNY few of other scenes are likely to get.

But all said and done, a viewer should keep all that aside and watch this movie for its pure entertainment value.

So keep your analytical brain out of the equation and watch this movie to add some 'extra Dhoom' to a mundane day.

fast N furious, Italian Job, Miami Vice all packed together in Indian Cinema Style.. Smashing... *****

Reviewed bynavinukVote: 7/10
fantastic movie...from start to end a good time pass.. a 1000 times better than DON...If u liked the category of movies like fast n furious (1,2,3) and Italian Job, Miami Vice etc then u would surely Like this MOvie.. It has used some cool script and costume ideas from Bourne Identity, Lara craft, The Saint (Val Kilmer) and two more movies I can't recall but all in a good stylish Indian flavour.The story is packed with so many Punches both in stunts and in suspense that U won't get even a min for stretch etc..even songs are lovely too..You would need to adjust yourself to the pace and style of the movie right from beginning.. within minutes(may be secs) of its start..n many would whistle its catchy theme tone on way out..

Hrithik and Aishwarya..Bollywood's God and Goddess have appeared together in a Movie First ever time.. and Aishwarya has given a Good Lip Kiss (won't call it a smooch) first time ever..Aishwarya has never looked so sexier before.. (and I thought the gals in FnF-Tokyo Drift were so sexy)..even tho she sizzles all DA time and melts the screen many times... many would agree with me that in DA movie this Nymph and celestial beauty was beaten first time in personality by Bollywood's only DEMI-GOD, a Rock Personality with the Face of an Angel,Eyes of an Elf Prince and Physique of Achillies..HRITHIK..It could be the Script (Aish eyeing Hrithik) or Cameraman's focus on Hrithik's face N personality..Or Aish admiring Hrithik's eyes..and convincingly succumbing to his magnanimous persona (which would be difficult to believe with any other actor)..This one-man-army is Bollywood's one-stop answer to Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and the likes of James Bond..or rather Shows a BIG ? to Hollywood.. HAVE YOU GOT AN ANSWER TO THIS MAN? Bipasa does her part well.. her acting n figure has improved a lot.. Uday did his part well too.... and sorry for all Abhishek's Fan (of his looks) his acting was good in this movie..but in terms of fast & furious looks..he was the only 1 who didn't fit there..ignorable bearded druggie looking dude...has anyone noticed that he slouches all DA time.. his neck wanna fell down to floor,, has a Lil double chin and has dark circles around his swollen eyes.. look at him carefully in DA movie...and u would notice all that..

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