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The Plot Summary for Friendship (2021)

Directed by: John Paul RajSham Surya
: P.S. Raj
Starring by: Jenson Alappat, Losliya Mariyanesan, Monika Thomas Puthuran
Genres: Action, Drama, Sport
Country: India
Language: Tamil

Set in college, Friendship is an emotional saga where two friends go out of their way to help a girl get justice, who is sexually abused and killed by goons. Will they succeed? After all, justice delayed is justice denied.

The Reviews for Friendship (2021)

Storyline is the winner!

Reviewed bymohamedshakir-03491Vote: 8/10
I have rated 10 out of 8 only because of the second half. First half is very slow + boring and the only good thing in the first half is Losliya. After interval the movie went on a right track and no any dull moments.

Copy of Malayalam movie....Queen

Reviewed bybejoythundilVote: 5/10
It's an copy of Malayalam movie (Queen), slight her and there changes, rest all same.


Reviewed byrush8080Vote: 4/10
Why? Why? Why? They choose sing to act in this movie? He adds no value at all, infact he's a burden to this movie. This guy can't act, his lip syncs are not matched and he's like a robot with no emotions. Someone please tell me why is he in this movie?

Other than that it's a half decent movie nothing to be excited about. Songs are nice. Terrible screenplay acting is good apart from the sing.

Only saving grace of the movie is Losliya and Sathish.

Avoid it if you got something better to do. (on that point) avoid it even if you have nothing to do :-)

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