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The Plot Summary for Halloween Kills (2021)

Directed by: David Gordon Green
: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Scott Teems
Starring by: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English

The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode continues in the next thrilling chapter of the Halloween series.

The Reviews for Halloween Kills (2021)

Beautifully Brutal Sequel that takes the franchise to a new level

Reviewed byaidanratesmoviesVote: 9/10
Brutal, terrifically acted, and incredibly entertaining- Halloween Kills is a mind-bogglingly unique horror sequel that incorporates the best of the franchise like the film before it, but with a completely different spin. I don't care what the critics say, I really freaking enjoyed this movie. And as someone who has seen every last Halloween and Michael Myers centered film- I think this is by far the most honest review you will read out there. No this film is not perfect, it's a bit over dramatic at times like the film before it, and the plotting is a bit weaker this time around. However, thanks to the brilliant direction from David Gordon Green- this film just works so tremendously well. You'll be on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Everything is paced so beautifully and done to such perfection, you can't help but admire the beauty of how everything is put together- as horrifying as it may be. As I said before the acting is a lot better this time around, with an all out cast of returning characters and actors- as well as the brilliant Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle- who just steals the show in every scene. The kill scenes are so well done and so effective and brutal- it's impossible to not squirm in your seat. The cinematography is also excellent all the way throughout with some incredibly unique shots, as well as a perfect rendition of the original Halloween night in a classic 70's pov. In the end, Halloween Kills is yet another great sequel from the minds of David Gordon Green and Blumhouse entertainment- and I can not wait to see what will happen in the franchise next.

My Rating: 9/10.

Now this is how you make a slasher film sequel !

Reviewed byrobfollowerVote: 8/10
I went to the movie theater to see Halloween 2018 . I left underwhelmed . Here is a copy & paste comment from my review of Halloween 2018

"This Halloween film needed to much more violent imagery for me to get a gut-deep bodily response and stimulus for a true visceral reaction experience I was hoping for. While the film appealed to my nostalgic like of the 1978 film. This incarnation did not push the envelope to be the Halloween that , the 1978 version, has always deserved".

I am happy to report that Halloween Kills 2021 Director David Gordon Green swung for the fences.

Michael Myers, once again , feels like a unbridled force of nature; Halloween Kills knows what you're here for ...and the film delivers ! The kills are much more creative , gory , fun and brutal this time around. The script is pretty ludicrous. This may hold the film back for some. But if you embrace the lunacy in a "so bad it is actually good frame of mind" it IMO adds the the enjoyment with its ridiculousness of the character stereo types, genre tropes and violent chaos. I really want to go off and talk more about this film but do not want to spoil anything . It will be fun to read others thoughts on Halloween Kills as we all see things differently :)

I did not read any professional reviews before hand but I did sneak a peak and they were pretty dismal.

Here is the thing...... I had a gut instinct that what the lackluster reviewers took away from the movie, that I would actually walk away polar opposite and very satisfied with this Halloween Kills 2021 effort . And my gut instinct was correct ! Halloween Kills brings on the crazy and I can not wait to watch it again .The film has some great over the top exaggerated fun characters, creative cinematography, tight pacing , visceral kills , bat - s h i t crazy script a unique take to John Carpenter's vision.

Overall great film and excellent addition to the American slasher film genre .


Good slasher. Felt over hyped since we been getting teasers for 2 whole years.

Reviewed byBeyondtherainVote: 8/10
Probably about as good as H18. More blood, wish it was longer and not as rushed. All the Hopsital scenes were very odd...Americans are not that mindless. At least not yet. A bit over dramatic. Just stick to the Myers and the Kills. And Loomis made me laugh because he was so staggering looking. Like A-ha "Take on Me" cartoon graphics. Leave Loomis's legacy alone. Also this film reminded me so much of Rob Zombies's "H2" from 2009. That's not bad for me. Good slasher. A few odd scenes.

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