Kadaseela Biriyani (2021) HDRip Malayalam

The Plot Summary for Kadaseela Biriyani (2021)

Directed by: Nishanth Kalidindi
: Vivekanand Kalaivanan, Nishanth Kalidindi
Starring by: Vasanth Selvam, Vijay Ram, Hakkim Shah
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country: India
Language: Tamil

Chicku Pandi has one day to slip away from his revenge hungry brothers.

The Reviews for Kadaseela Biriyani (2021)

Kadaseela Biriyani

Reviewed byeng-73555Vote: 9/10
Kadaseela Biriyani is a film which is a new attempt for Tamil Cinema, which shows that a revenge drama can also be narrated in this kinda way. The performances of Hakkim Shah, Vasanth Selvam,Vijay Ram And Dinesh Mani are childish,witty,silly and comic.

A well structured screenplay packed with dark comedy and violence which makes you laugh at comic scenes and keep you hooked at some rage and violent scenes. The interval block will make you laugh hard that you can't stop laughing. I laughed out loud and some people at the theatre turned and see me. Dialogues were good. The characterization of all actors were constructed really well. The film runs in the voice over of Vijay Sethupathi ,who also plays a unexpected cameo role and also comes in a climateric scene, which puts the audience into awe. The cinematography was very very good,especially wide and top angle shots. For every sequence or some scenes, a particular color tone is maintained and that also looks quaint. Sound designing at it's best that you could even hear very minute sounds if you watch it in the theatre. Music was composed in a different way which is also appreciated. Excellent direction by director Nishanth Kalidindi, which deserves appreciation. On a whole, a great and new attempt in Tamil Cinema which came out really well. Another request which is please support these kinda films and not cliches, and if you support these kind of independent films,you can see a brighter future in Tamil Cinema.

Unpredictable revenge drama

Reviewed bysanjithkumar1995Vote: 9/10
Right from the first frame we'll know this is will be an unusual movie. When seeing the genre shift in the middle of the movie it vaguely reminds of Parasite (korean). First half is a black comedy. And second half turns into a thriller. Vijay sethupathy's voice over is a big plus without which it would have been hard to grapple a lot of fact about 3 brothers.

There are few slow moments in the first half and a climax that seem offtrack from the movie's tone.

Nevertheless this is a brave attempt with apt dialogues in 2 different languages and relevant acting.

Must watch

Reviewed byvibhus-17780Vote: 8/10
A well made movie . Story was simple , but narration was very well handled in unique way , which made film more interesting . Two sub genre in single movie , first half was a revenge thriller and second half a survival thriller . First half was better than second half . Few dark humor worked well . Characterisation in movie was very well designed , eventhough most of the character had less screentime , they well Potrayed it . Cast done their job very well . Technical team done a great job , cinematography , editing , BGM and sound effects were topnotch . I felt bit disappointing the way they ended and there were few lip syncing issues . There was a surprise cameo at end . Overall a good movie , which deserves to be watch it on big screen , don't miss it , must watch . Most of the cinphiles gonna love it .

( HD vantha kapram underrated , audience not supporting puluthama "mudinja" theater la poi support pana parungha )

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