Lalbagh (2021) HDRip Malayalam

The Plot Summary for Lalbagh (2021)

Directed and written by: Prashanth Murali
Starring by: Rajesh Devaraj, Rahul Madhav, Mamta Mohandas
Genres: Thriller
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

Sara's husband Tom gets food-poisoned after a birthday party, and police suspect it was a deliberate attempt to murder him. And they are after the culprit.

The Reviews for Lalbagh (2021)

Review about Lalbagh

Reviewed bynithadominicVote: 9/10
Lalbagh a movie with a regular start but with a very different twist..An absolute great thriller movie to watch . Kudos to the entire team for putting such an absolute performance .

Extremely Stupid and Overrated..

Reviewed bygargsharshVote: 7/10
Such lazy writing and story telling, I have seen my kids school play having better twists and thrills than this movie. Its not that its predictable there are many thrillers that are predictable but still nice to watch for how its executed this movie is an example of how to not make a thriller movie a total guide.

Highly predictable suspense thriller :)

Reviewed byrajeshpankaj-77657Vote: 2/10
Why do people make suspense movies which has obvious ending? While we know the villain in the beginnig itself, we pray that our assuption should go wrong. Finally to our "surprise", we realise that the villain is the very same person whom you assumed.

Very weak storyline. Motive of the murder doesn't even add up! As the story is happening in Bangalore having a Kannada lead police officer was a good idea. Unfortunately, he was made to talk broken Malayalam, which acted as a spoiler.

One can be happy that the movie is less than 2 hours. So we waste less time!

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