Matchless Mulan (2020) HDRip Original [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Chi] Dubbed Movie

The Plot Summary for Matchless Mulan (2020)

Directed by: Chen Cheng
: Guo Maoqian
Starring by: Xue’er Hu, Wei Wei, Jarvis Wu
Genres: Action, History, War
Country: China
Language: Telugu

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Rouran army invaded the border, and the country called up military residents to go out to battle. To perform the duty for her elderly father, Hua Mulan disguised herself as a man and came to Changpingcang. Originally, she just wanted to perform the duty for her father. Unexpectedly, in an action to save the prince, her friend Yuan Hong was captured and killed in front of her. From then on, Hua Mulan fought the enemy bravely and won many victories on the battlefield. When everybody was celebrating joyously, the enemy put millions of mice into the city, making the soldiers suffer heavily. For the prosperity of the country and the safety of people, Mulan and a few soldiers defended Changpingcang to the last at the cost of their lives.

The Reviews for Matchless Mulan (2020)

Good low cost Mulan movie

Reviewed byalexshi77Vote: 8/10
Normally I might give a 6 for such a movie, but I gave 8 this time as it is better than Disney's, though made with a much much smaller budget. With a good budget, this movie could have some grand settings. Disney doesn't understand Chinese culture and history, but they have money to squander and have strong advertising capability. With these, they still can get a good box office income from rubbish movies. This one has Chinese savor.

Much better than DIsney′s.

Reviewed byalicealice-67133Vote: 6/10
I′m not gonna call this movie perfect because it′s not. It does have plotholes and some cheesy scenes but still, the acting, setting, characters and the story are so much better than Disney′s. I would definitely watch it again unlike Disney Mulan which was dull and boring throughout the whole thing.

Incoherent and Jumbled Piece of Mess

Reviewed byAnirudhGodVote: 3/10
A boring movie where you don't care for anything that happens. The characters are half-baked caricatures, who are goofy at one point and extremely emotional at the other. Complete and abrupt shift of events without warning, and the irritating music at every minute numbs your sense down to 0. Nothing is felt, nothing is remembered. Even the plot is so half-baked with out any innovative plotting, that removed all life from the proceedings. I couldn't care one bit about Mulan, as her motivations were subservient and stoic. One moment she wants to not kill anyone, the next moment she's slicing off throats. A disappointing piece of trash.

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