MGR Magan (2021) HDRip Original [Telugu + Tamil + Malayalam + Kannada]

The Plot Summary for MGR Magan (2021)

Directed by: Ponram
Starring by: Pala Karuppaiah, Namo Narayana, Saranya Ponvannan
Genres: Comedy
Country: India
Language: Telugu

The Normal life of a villager turns living hell when he starts to realizes that is family keeps boundaries to it's members and also discovers that his village is in danger by a man who tries to destroy a mountain in the village.

The Reviews for MGR Magan (2021)

Wins hearts

Reviewed byaurangzebhumayunVote: 9/10
Running smoothly. The story of a country doctor fighting the corporate to save the medicine mountain. Not a roller ghoster ride yet entertaining. Heroine is attractive. Saranya ponvannan is energetic. Sathyaraj best supporting character and samuthrakani in a hilarious tone. Totally a family drama with a message. Not to forget the song dedicated to penniquik the engineer.

A tasteless sweet entitled within a delicious title

Reviewed bynallaiahVote: 4/10
Weak sry no story with a mass title..Not a movie for watching in a diwali evening.

If u watch for the title,then it's like Marrying a girl without seeing her face which also happened in this movie for samuthrakani .it works for him but not sure it will work for everyone..there is no positive.

I can't believe y these kind of movie actors choose . As a comedy movie they might have choosen bt nowadays people prasie only movie that make somes sense.

In this movie they have been making comedy trying to cover up the absence of story.

Atlast U can find only one thing is time waste..No role for hero's mom and heroine.. even samuthrakani role has been no use,also Sasi good seen in this movie..As director has not given a movie since a while,he made a hurry kichadi..that failed to taste the audience..that too in a diwali race they released .


Ponram fails same as Sargunam ...

Reviewed bym-ramananVote: 4/10
RATED 4/10Language: TamilSource: Hotstar

Ponram lost his touch and becoming like Sargunam. Both shined in the first one with their authentic touch and village backdrop.... later both failing miserably in their own strengths....Started to watch in theatre and ended in laptop. Dont want to waste the current and sound system on this one.

It is just a mixture of his earlier movies and very few places the comedy worked out.

Big disaster...

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