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The Plot Summary for Mine (2016)

Directed and written by: Fabio Guaglione, Fabio Resinaro
Starring by: Armie Hammer, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Cullen
Genres: Thriller | War
Country: USA | Spain | Italy
Language: English

In the middle of the desert, an area filled with 33 million blast mines scattered everywhere, marine sniper Sergeant Mike Stevens is on a mission to locate and neutralize the leader of a terrorist cell. After three months and six days in the desert, one single moment of hesitation is enough to blow the entire mission, and now Sergeant Stevens is stranded in a hostile guerrilla territory all alone, and to make matters worse, with his left foot on an active mine. Against the harsh environment, without water, the sergeant must stay glued to the spot and use his Marine training, his resourcefulness and his perseverance for the next 52 hours until a convoy arrives in his area. Between the scalding heat of the day and the freezing cold of the night, if Sergeant Stevens wants to survive, he must fight not only the mighty forces of nature but also the greatest adversary of them all: himself.

The Reviews for Mine (2016)

This isn't an action movie, nor does it claim to be.

Reviewed byLaiathVote: 9/10
If you go into this expecting war action, you'll be severely disappointed. Exhibit A: the low ratings of some reviewers here.

This isn't a war movie or an action movie. It's the story of a man facing his inner demons in the context of war. I think the directors did a phenomenal job creating a true thriller with literally little action. Armie Hammer's performance was superb; I only started watching the movie because Armie has the kind of looks that God took extra time creating, but as the movie progressed I forgot about the actor and saw only the character. Two thumbs up!

I highly recommend this title, having withheld 10 stars only because the Berber got on my nerves at times and I found the twist at the end irritating.


Reviewed byZe FrackerVote: 8/10
Critics like always slamming good films just cuz they take a different approach than what they wanted.

The films revolves around this marine who is stuck in a land mine and while there is not much to do on that situation, the film follows along with the metaphor of "Man stuck on his own path" and he needs to learn to move on.

I found it interesting and this becomes a battle of endurance of the mind as it is of the body.

Great performance from Armie Hammer!!

Who knew

Reviewed bybrennanhair-93602Vote: 8/10
Who knew Arnie Hammer was this good! Loved this film. Beautiful cinematography, thought-provoking and well acted. Not a typical war movie and that is what makes it refreshing. I would put this movie in the same category as Castaway or Papillon. Maybe it lacks gang-ho violence and that's why it only gets a 6

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