Mirugaa (2021) HDRip Tamil

The Plot Summary for Mirugaa (2021)

Directed by: J. Parthiban
Starring by: Srikanth, Raai Laxmi, Dev Gill
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Tamil

The film revolves around a maneater tiger who has gone berzerk and is no attacking people in Iduppanai, Kotagiri. While the forest officials are searching for the tiger, strange events happen in the forest.

The Reviews for Mirugaa (2021)

Nothing new

Reviewed bykiranvs-02523Vote: 4/10
If this film released 10 years ago it would be a success. Perditibilty is burden for this film audience can perdict each and every scene in this movie. Because film story plot that much cliche.

One watchable no movie, very very waste movie

Reviewed byallabakashkVote: 4/10
Tiger not for interstate this movie, but srikanth performance okk..

Good performance by lead actors

Reviewed byspidey_rko08Vote: 10/10
Entertainment guarantee movie. Although they have sufficient budget to make this kind of movie, the director managed to make us glued to seat and thrilled the audience thought the movie. ??????????

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