Mohabbathin Kunjabdulla (2019) HDRip Malayalam

The Plot Summary for Mohabbathin Kunjabdulla (2019)

Directed and written by: Shanu Samath
Starring by: Indrans, Balu Varghese, Nandana Varma
Genres: Drama
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

When Kunjabdulla was young, he left everything behind including his hometown and his childhood sweetheart; and shifted to Mumbai. One fine day, he feels like visiting his hometown and his girl.

The Reviews for Mohabbathin Kunjabdulla (2019)

You will be made to pay your karmic debt!

Reviewed bycpravaahVote: 9/10
The movie is the journey of Kunjabdullah from Bhiwandi to Kerala in search of his childhood love takes him into dire situations which he resolves in favor of Love , he is kind, compassionate . The journey continues and finally the mystery is revealed and an unexpected twist makes you think and the film shows you cannot undo what is done, there is no looking back has to pay the price for the past deeds. Great performances, music, photography makes the film a must watch . One of best of 2019. Worth watching.

Beautiful movie with wrong ending

Reviewed bynajith-58516Vote: 6/10
Simple and nice feel allover but the ending was bad, it was unnecessary to turn that way, last scenes were annoying and better not to watch with kids.

Great movie.. but worst ending..

Reviewed byothukkuVote: 5/10
I loved the first 95% of the movie. Great story and amazing acting by most actors - especially by Indrans. I was going to give 10/10 rating for this movie. But the end they destroyed the whole plot. All of sudden the movie jumped from PG rating to R rating. I wished I did not watch the last part with my family with children.

The movie would have been much batter if it had a happy ending. Can't believe how could the writer write such a beautiful story with a terrible ending. The movie has many things to learn for general public. But all ruined at the end.

Still can't get out of the shock from the last scene.

If you watch the movie with family, try to avoid the last 5 to 10 minutes. You will feel better that way.

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