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The Plot Summary for Ninna Sanihake (2021)

Directed by: Suraj Gowda
: Suraj Gowda, Suman Jadugar, Praveen Kumar G
Starring by: Suraj Gowda, Dhanya Ramkumar, Aruna Balraj
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: India
Language: Kannada

Ninna Sanihake chronicles the intimate journey of two young souls - Aditya and Amruta - through relatable and often humorous scenarios, while capturing the nuances of new age romance. A feast for the seekers of entertainment, the fil

The Reviews for Ninna Sanihake (2021)


Reviewed bymeghaharashettiVote: 8/10
It's a very simple,hate, comedy, emotions everything is just in the required amount this movie doesn't have anything like those dirty love stories which I loved the most. It's a must watch movie ...atleast once bcos even though the actors are very new to the industry they've given their best to make it look natural rather than making it look artificial like a drama or a movie. Someone who loves romantic movie and like watching love stories they would definitely love this. The story line could have been a bit better but nevertheless it's good and watchable and best part is the mucic and songs ,really great work.. especially "nee parichiya" song is the best one that I've heard so far .

Very good family entertainer

Reviewed bykushals-29164Vote: 8/10
I was very sceptical when my brother wanted to book the tickets. Music was the only factor convinced me to agree. But to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Though the first 10 mins you may doubt if Dhanya Ramkumar can live up to her family's name, as the story intensifies she has justified and delivered a very good performance. Considering the fact that this was Suraj's first attempt with screenplay and direction, he has done a commendable job too. No comments on music. Jai Raghu sir! Overall a very good family entertainer. Please go watch the movie.

Great premise but overall, could have been better.

Reviewed byAnurag-ShettyVote: 7/10
Ninna Sanihake tells the story of Aditya(Suraj Gowda) & Amruta(Dhanya Ramkumar). The movie chronicles the ups & downs in their relationship.

Ninna Sanihake is a good film. However, it could have been far superior. Writer-director Suraj Gowda has given us the first movie in Sandalwood that explores a live-in relationship. The concept is unique but, the plot gets repetitive after a while. The comedic set pieces are more or less great. The action set pieces are unnecessary & simply lengthens the runtime. Suraj Gowda is perfect as Aditya. Dhanya Ramkumar is awesome as Amruta. The chemistry between Suraj & Dhanya is electrifying. Aruna Balraj, Soumya Bhat, Manjunath Hegde & Rajinikanth are excellent in their supporting roles. A special mention for Samanvita Shetty, who is spectacular in her pivotal supporting role. Ninna Sanihake is worth a watch but, keep your expectations reasonably low.

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