Operation Java (2021) HDRip Malayalam

The Plot Summary for Operation Java (2021)

Directed by: Tharun Moorthy, Sudhi Maddison
: Tharun Moorthy
Starring by: Balu Varghese, Lukman Lukku, Irshad
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

The story revolves around a group of officers and a series of mysteries, events and cases reported before them in the Cyber Cell. It is also about how they plan and execute their operations.

The Reviews for Operation Java (2021)

Fast. Fun. Fantabulous.

Reviewed bygrarunkumar1994Vote: 9/10
"Operation Java" shows us the routine mode of operation of Kerala cybercell through the eyes of 2 newly joined technical assistants.

This film itself is based on true crime investigations conducted by cybercell.

Debutant writer- director Tharun Moorthy did a fantastic job in keeping viewers engaged with fast paced screenplay and interesting plot points.

Jakes Bejoy adds to the momentum of film with his apt music scores that.

Film ends with a promise of a continuation.

Best Malayalam movie in 2021

Reviewed byjdthemasterVote: 9/10
This is a rare movie and dont miss it just awesome best thriller of 2021.

A must watch film. There are no Mollywood stars, but there are Mollywood talents that will blow your minds.

Reviewed bytvedukrVote: 9/10
The hype created for the film after the theatre release is true, I didn't believe because it's not a film with star cast. Only because of the quality and word from mouth this film became a hit. I would really recommend whoever hasn't watched it till now to do it.

Debut director Tharun Moorthy has given us an outstanding cinematic experience, with perfect background scores. This manages to make us feel convinced that this is how cyber police in Kerala works. We don't feel like any tech stuff they show is out of place. That is all one needs to ask from such a movie. When most movies show tech stuff in an incorrect way, this is breath of fresh air. It feels grounded in reality.

The script doesn't lag anywhere. The comic relief we get is not at all forced and feels very organic.

The acting is very good. There is no one who did their part in a bad way.

You can relate every single cyber crime that is shown, as we have read about it constantly in newspapers. From "Premam" movie leaks to nurses being fooled lakhs of rupees to study abroad these things we have witnessed and still happen.

This is what I call a movie, when you teach people about the wrongs and what I right. When the message of the movie is a sad reality in our the system that is temporary workers don't get the right opportunities, wages or salary & respect in India. That is the truth

A must watch film. There are no Mollywood stars, but there are Mollywood talents that will blow your minds.