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The Plot Summary for Phone Bhoot (2022)

Directed by: Brijitesh De, Madhu Neelakandan Nair, Abhishek Sharma
: Jasvinder Bath,Ravi Shankaran
Starring by: Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Sheeba Chaddha
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Country: India
Language: Hindi

A ghost reaches out to two bumbling ghostbusters for a business idea. However, their plans go downhill as the eerie ghost reveals her plan.

The Reviews for Phone Bhoot (2022)

Best Horror comedy of the decade.

Reviewed byinexorableanishVote: 9/10
I am simply amazed by the exuberance and positive persona of Katrina Kaif. She is her own competition. With every film she has only added more to her repertoire as an actress. Phonebhoot is perfect treat for family audience with good story, comic elements and unlimited good catchy music. I have just fallen in love with her again. Katrina can do almost anything. She is the best. The film should be seen by everyone. It is for people of all age groups. Katrina has only improved her acting margin of miles. She is the true USP of the film. I am in awe with her. What a beautiful film it is. I love this so much.

A True Comical Unicorn

Reviewed byjulienneanchorVote: 9/10
It's so quirky and nonsensical you're half shocked at the absurdity while kicking yourself for finding it so hilariously entertaining. I highly recommend this for overthinkers. This might just be the thing to try before therapy. The female lead is so gorgeous, her comical timing catches you off guard. The male leads are so cute and seem to be having a lot of fun. The overall chemistry is beautiful and easygoing. Even the awkward parts seemed to flow seamlessly. Major and Gullu's bromance is definitely one for the books. However, I found myself rooting for Gullu and Ragini by the end of the movie. Someone needs to cast them together again. Bravo to the team, and thank you for the laughs. Also, try not to search for sense here, it's clearly designed to make no sense whatsoever. Just give your brain a rest and indulge yourself a tad.

An absurdly fun ride despite the weak climax

Reviewed bysharmarakshit-09893Vote: 7/10
I barely had any expectations from this film, specially since the trailer was below average and the songs weren't great either. However, after seeing people mostly praising the film, I decided to step into the theatres and I was not disappointed.

The film sets the tone from the disclaimer itself, it's wacky, it's stupid, it's absurd, but most importantly, it's FUN.

Phone Bhoot consists of a lot of pop culture references, be it the tone of the narrator or the countless puns and references present throughout the film which usually hit the mark. Yes, there are a few forced gags which fail to generate any laughter but you will find yourself enjoying the film nevertheless.

Talking about performances, it's about the guys. Ishan and Siddhant absolutely nail their respective roles, their chemistry just makes up for so many memorable moments and the two seem to have pretty good comic timing as well. Katrina does justice to her role, she isn't anything spectacular but is just about good enough. Jackie Shroff in his bhidu mode is whistle worthy, though I would've liked to see more of him. The supporting cast also do justice to their roles.

The only issue with the film is the unsatisfactory climax. What could've been a humorous and chaotic ending ends up being a cgi mesh that's just all over the place. It doesn't by any means, make the film any less entertaining.

The writing caters to those well versed with pop culture and memes i.e., the YOUTH. If you're looking for a way to enjoy your weekend with your friends, GO FOR IT.

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