Pulanaivu (2019) HDRip Tamil

The Plot Summary for Pulanaivu (2019)

Directed and written by: Shalini Balasundaram, Sathish Natarajan
Starring by: Shalini Balasundaram, Bavithira, Desmond Dass
Genres: Crime, Romance, Thriller
Country: Malaysia
Language: Tamil

Aishwarya, a young and beautiful woman who is just starting college, is trying to move on from her previous relationship. So she is not interested when one of her new friends falls for her and tries hard to earn her love and attention. As their love story develops, a murder suddenly occurs.

The Reviews for Pulanaivu (2019)

must watch Movie, proud malaysian Movie

Reviewed byvijaykumarssVote: 10/10
I was mesmerised with Datin Shaila's performance from the beginning till the end of the film. Her performance was amazing. The credits surely goes to Shalini Balasundaram and Sathish Natarajan the duo directors have made it happen. Shalini was amazing in the story. All the artist gave their best. I hope to see more movies from you Shalini. Keep rocking!!!!


Reviewed bykisotamil-41297Vote: 10/10
Good movie I enjoyed it better moviesbshahnssbjzjsnsnsjsjsjsnsnsjsjs

Suspense Thriller That's Awesome

Reviewed bynbgfejVote: 10/10
The film was totally awesome. Filled with twists and turns you will definitely be unable to predict the climax of the story. For a Malaysian Film,It was a really great film. I strongly recommend you guys to watch it.

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