Run Hide Fight (2020) HDRip Original [Telugu + Tamil + Hindi + Eng] Movie

The Plot Summary for Run Hide Fight (2020)

Directed and written by: Kyle Rankin
Starring by: Isabel May, Radha Mitchell, Thomas Jane
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: Telugu

17-year-old Zoe Hull uses her wits, survival skills, and compassion to fight for her life, and those of her fellow classmates, against a group of live-streaming school shooters.

The Reviews for Run Hide Fight (2020)

Truly a fun watch, 9/10

Reviewed byankitagrawal-22072Vote: 9/10
Originally I watched just because I was curious what a 'conservative sponsored' film would look like. I expected a bunch of religious propaganda and cultural satire, but it isn't that whatsoever. Its truly a normal film, that too one that I would say is a real nail-biter, and will keep you watching till the end. Be prepared, you wont want to miss anything, even for a bathroom break.

a good film

Reviewed byjtomylVote: 9/10
Just watched the premiere. It was very good. I plan on watching again. A couple of places where the dialog was clunky, but it incorporates a number of issues with schools and with the tools that are available today, how it could affect students. I will expect a number of people who haven't seen it to give it low ratings because of the people who are behind the film.

Hard hitting movie very well made

Reviewed byprecept-fanVote: 9/10
Great movie that makes you think and is well done. Life is full of hard choices. Who should we admire. That is a big theme of this movie. This is worth your time, but not for immature viewers.

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