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  • Movie Name: The Journey Is the Destination
  • Movie Year: 2016
  • IMDB:6.3/10 
  • Runtime:123 mins
  • contentRating:R
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The Plot Summary for The Journey Is the Destination (2016)

Directed by: Bronwen Hughes
: Bronwen Hughes, Jan Sardi
Starring by: Kelly Macdonald, Maria Bello, Ella Purnell
Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English

Dan Eldon, who was only 22 when he was chased down and killed by an angry mob in Somalia, was one of the youngest photographic stringers in Africa. But his journalistic work, which had appeared in Time and Newsweek, showed only a small part of his talent. Eldon excelled as an artist in his collages, which combined his photographs of Africa with paint, pastiche, pop culture images, advertising, and official documents. The Journey Is the Destination collects pages from the 17 scrapbooks that held his art. Chronicling his work from age 14 through his death at 22, this volume is startling not only in the intensity and thoughtfulness of the pages, but also in the fact that someone so young could have this kind of artistic depth and insight.

The Reviews for The Journey Is the Destination (2016)

Do not understand the hate for this film

Reviewed bytangoed-48992Vote: 8/10
The Journey is the destination is well worth a watch, the story of the film is genuinely moving highlighted by the fact that the characters are real people and is inspired true events. It admittedly is a slow starter where i disliked the main character a lot being as other reviews have put it a somewhat stuck up "privileged white boy". However this sets the course for the rest of the film as Dan Eldon grows as a character, developing from the things he has seen and experienced in his life that we witness alongside him.

I see people complaining the film took them to dark places which it arguably does but i do not see this as a bad thing. While the film is undeniably emotional i felt it excellently portrayed the complexity of being a reporter while also having to deal with your own feelings on what your reporting. The directors did this in a hard hitting way which was much better suited tot he story than the usual Hollywood style of either over the top action or sunshine and daisies everyone seemed to want from this film. While this movie may not be for everyone i feel its definitely worth a try, and taught me something new about a person i have never heard of before but now have tremendous respect.

An Amateurish Attempt Runs Scared of Politics

Reviewed bymr-shaneleveneVote: 4/10
The life of Dan Eldon is a story and adventure and tragedy which has all the ingredients for a great film adaption. Sadly the director here was not the man to carry it off, running scared of global and sensitive politics and badly misjudging the aura that the art direction would cast over the film. It plays more like a Sunday morning teen safari report for some children's channel. The first hour or more is done so poorly that you could actually skip it without losing anything of the film. It is littered with cringe-worthy moments with actors who look no older than 14. The seriousness of a life of photojournalism and art in some of Africa's most poverty stricken and war-torn countries is completely overlooked in exchange for teenage safaris and soppy scenes of light kissing and rolling about. The film does improve a little when we finally get to Somalia, but is still a major disappointment and still cops out and purposely evades the sensitive issues of international politics, religion and culture which all combined to result in the death of 4 respected journalists. I just hope that if ever I get hacked to death that this director doesn't direct it. Give it a miss... You'll be missing nothing.

An Amazing Story Told Poorly

Reviewed byControl_RCVote: 3/10
Found out about Dan when his book was originally released. A man with so much talent and even more potential. And a life story that deserved to be told with the creative vision that matched his. I read years ago about the family wanting to make a movie about Dan's travels, and I couldn't wait to see it and to learn more about him, his work, his dreams, what made him tick, and more detail into the scenes shown in his journals. This film does none of this as it's nearly unwatchable. Poorly written and directed. It's a shame as Dan's story is so rich and is an amazing example of a life filled with curiosity, love and talent. His story deserved to be told better.

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