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The Plot Summary for Udalaazham (2019)

Directed by: Unnikrishnan Aavala, Manoj K.T.
: Unnikrishnan Aavala
Starring by: Indrans, Sajitha Madathil, Mani
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

Gulikan and Maathi were married as children, and live amongst a tribe in a deep jungle settlement. Like everyone else, Gulikan must go to town for work, where the rules are brutal.

The Reviews for Udalaazham (2019)

Great potential, abrupt ending

Reviewed byLastPlotVote: 4/10
Mixed emotions watching the movie. It is a good watch as it portrays parts and aspects of society that are hidden parts of the Kerala society. A better storyline/editing could have made this a gem.

I would reccomend it a watch to understand the dark nooks and corners of Kerala.

MAMI Review: Udalaazham (4 Stars)

Reviewed bynairtejasVote: 4/10
Some great musical compositions and the primary theme of homophobia in a tribal mountainous region in Kerala apart, there is nothing else that improves Udalaazham's (Body Depth) appeal as a social film. Director Unnikrishnan Aavala uses the raw tribal setting and equally fitting actors to show us that the stark social issue of homophobia and perversion is not just restricted to the urban. It is not an experience that will invoke surprise for someone who is in the know but for people in denial, Udalaazham will be an eye-opener and very uncomfortable. Although it has been edited without finesse - leaving out open nodes that affect the viewing experience and not tell you what is happening exactly - it sends the point home. What interested me more than the central theme are the subtle references to topics like forest encroachment, sexism, and consumerism that Udalaazham focuses on from the periphery to shed light into what is happening in places that we have no idea about or don't know exist at all. And yet you want it to get over sooner because not much effort seems to have been put in the editing room. It goes on and on, repeating what it tries to say, using characters that are not necessary, to eventually halt abruptly. TN.

(Watched and reviewed at its world premiere at the 20th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.)

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